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$ First Call
Sharp site offers electronic and print prod-ucts and services to institutional and indi-vidual investors. Access real-time research, earnings estimates, and recommendations from an extensive database of companies. Prices for products vary considerably from reasonable pay-per-view reports to pricey yearly subscriptions.

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Get research, e-mail reports, and up to 150 company reports per month from Global Equity Analytics Research Service, founded by a former director of quantitative research at DLJ. Based on a proprietary pattern-recognition technology, the GEARS system analyzes 17 categories of data and makes buy and sell recommendations and boasts that some 60 percent are sell recommenda-tions. Some research and tools are free, but reports cost $5 each (or $49.95/month, $599/year for 150 reports a month).

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$ Hoover's Online
Smart, attractive design efficiently presents the site's dense body of tools and informa-tion. For $12.95 a month, individual sub-scribers can access Hoover's growing data-base of proprietary profiles on more than 3,300 companies. Search for companies by industry, location, annual sales, or company type. Find out which companies plan to go public and look at IPO filings. View reports with quarterly, annual, and historical finan-cials as well as all kinds of market data. Free company capsules provide abbreviated profiles, corporate news, and less detailed market and financial information.

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Morgan Stanley
Gargantuan brokerage's sharp (but slow) Web site includes the daily Global Economic Forum - reports from 15 economists around the world. Skip the corporate press releases under the "Features" heading, and down-load free reports about technology and the Internet. Also, check out the site's "Insights" section for useful reads, including predictions for the year and Y2K issues.

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Multex Investor Network
Access more than 250,000 investment research reports written by Wall Street ana-lysts. Free membership; cost of documents range from zero to $150 (most run $5 to $10). Investment ideas section features original articles on companies, sectors, and trends. Also spotlights analysts' buy recom-mendations and top fund picks.

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Standard & Poor's Retail Investor Service
Includes daily market commentary, feature stories, and all of S & P's daily indexes with brief descriptions of the companies. "Industry Spotlight" lets you order reports for companies within the sector. Buy a cer-tain number of units (300 for $200), which can be used to buy various reports. Reg-ister for access to portfolio tracking and other features.

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$Thomson Research
This site offers pricey services and newslet-ters for professionals and committed individ-ual investors with some tall coin. Costs range from $250 a month for daily equity, fixed-income, derivative, or commodity reports, to $100,000 (!) to him a consultant.

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Value Line
Well-established Wall Street publishing and research firm's site provides some free research analyzing the economy, sectors, stocks, and mutual funds. But the site's main purpose is to promote Value Line's paid services.

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$ Wall Street Voice
Buy Wall Street brokerage reports here at prices that can vary widely from $2 to more than $100. Sign up for free e-mail alerts when new research comes out on stocks you pick. While many of the reports come directly from Multex, some are original to this service.

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Wright Research Center
Wright's Research & Analysis section is an excellent database of its own stock research on 18,000 companies worldwide. Lets you search for companies by industry, country, or company name. Includes analyses of why Wright likes or dislikes a stock.

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Zacks Investment Research
Get free and paid stock evaluations from one of the world's most established perfor-mance - rating and investment research ser-vices. Some reports - including analyst earnings estimates - available for nothing. Subscribers to Zacks Advisor - $120 a year - get e-mail alerts on personal portfo-lios, a custom stock-screening tool, ana-lysts' earnings estimates and recommenda-tions, company reports, and access to model portfolios. Sign up for a free one-month trial

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