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This San Francisco-based site offers profes-sional technical stock analysis tools and education to would-be chartists. Features include a trend-detection system, ability to monitor the portfolios of other users, color-ful graphs that illustrate a stock's trends, and tracking of exchange and index market activity. Check out member discussions on specific stocks and strategies. Also offers a solid investment education section that explains price action and trading strategies, as well as standard topics such as risk man-agement. Registration is required but free.

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$ Chart Trend
Sign up for daily e-mail newsletter that offers trading tips for the day based on technical and fundamental analysis of dif-ferent stocks. Cost: $15/month, $40 for three months, and $70 for six months.

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Decision Point
Expansive technical analysis offerings for analyzing stocks and the broader market. You're bound to find the technical indicator you're looking for. Take a look at money flows in and out of your favorite stocks. Don't be put off by heavy use of lingo; you can learn in Decision Point's well-written educational Section.

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$ Dohmen Capital Research Institute
Humility-challenged Bert Dohman offers three publications. Wellington Letter, a monthly newsletter covering a number of investment topics ($295/year). SmartFax, a stock tip sheet, costs $699/year. Fearless Fund Trader, which recommends trading strategies of exchange traded index funds, costs $285/quarter or $995/year

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$ Downing & Associates Technical Analysis
Technical trading recommendations for $200 a year. Designed for experienced traders only.

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$ Elliott Wave Chart
Say hello to Elliot Wave theory for $7.95 a month. Free trial offered, but only after supplying credit card number. Free defini-tions of extensive Elliot Wave terminology.

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Equis International
Equis offers a few free goodies, including a Java-version of its MetaStock technical - analysis software and weekly hot stock lists. Mostly a service site for its software.

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Choices abound at this multi-faceted site that is slated for a merger with Silicon Investor. Charts are easily customized and Load quickly. IQC's portfolio tracker allows you to jump in and out of charts, quotes, fundamentals, and news with ease. Don't bother with the message boards; they're barren. Automatically updating charts cost $24.95 a month, plus another $12.50 for updates in real time.

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$ MarketEdge
Computrade, an Atlanta-based technical analysis firm, runs this site, which offers a number of simple tools to dissect more than 5,000 stocks. Using a proprietary mathemat-ical system, MarketEdge comes up with very specific recommendations on specific equi-ties. Includes a dozen other useful gizmos. Subscriptions range from $12.95 to $49.95 a month, depending on package. Frequent traders should definitely take a look.

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$ Market Radar
This subscriber-based site tries to predict stocks about to break out based on tech-nical analysis. Free 30-day trial available. A yearly subscription costs $150.

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$ MoneyTeq
High-level technical analysis of stocks, futures, and foreign exchange. Offers trade recommendations geared toward experienced day traders, and some longer-term trading positions. Price is a little stiff at $250 a month, but a free 30-day trial is available.

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$ Prophet Financial Systems
Free interactive charting for stocks; options and futures charts require a subscription of $24.95 a month. Provides a data delivery service for charting software costing from $12.95 to $34.95, depending on package. Smart navigation and design. Java and non-Java options. Also offers market data delivery services.

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Easy-to-use tool for delayed quotes and charts. Create a personalized menu of daily, weekly, and monthly charts. Get snapshots on daily and recent market activity.

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