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Fraud and Investigation Links
A no-nonsense and seemingly comprehen-sive site lists links to federal, state, and other private agencies to click on if you've been scammed, cheated, or hoodwinked. Run by the Alabama Chapter of Certified Fraud Examiners.

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Internet Fraud Watch
A guide for detecting and learning about Internet scams. Includes tips for avoiding rip-off artists, list of top Net cyberscams, and reference materials. Check out lengthy piece on Internet-fraud statistics. Includes a section warning of business-opportunity, credit, employment, magazine-subscription, travel, pyramid, scholarship, sweepstakes, and work-at-home scams.

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National Association of Securities Dealers
The Web site of the securities industry's pri-mary self-regulating body. Investor services
heading (www.inventor.nasd.com) includes valuable tutorials for the beginner on sub-jects such as asset diversification, Contains links to the Nasdag stock market and the association's academic site. Valuable Y2K info and links, too.

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Securities and Exchange Commission
Overseen the practices of publicly owned companies and securities exchanges, as well as the trading of securities. Their fast, effi-cient, and immensely useful site packs cor-porate information galore. Searchable EDGAR database contains most of the many company documents filed with the powerful oversight organization.

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Stock Detective
The Philip Marlowe of online investing. Learn all about zombie stocks, pump-and--dumps, and other investment scams at this well-wrought site. Check out "The List" and see if a stock site is objective analysis or paid promotion.

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