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Antix Stock Option Report
Uses historical pricing data and statistical methods to calculate a probability that a given stock's price will reach an options strike price. Does it work? You'll need a Ph.D. to figure it out. Otherwise, probabili-ties data can be one piece of info for your options investment decision-making. You can download for free a probabilities calcu-lator for stocks not offered on the site.

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Chicago Board Options Exchange
The world's leading options exchange wants you to trade options and offers a number of tools geared toward the individual, including a Java-based calculator. Get trading info, such as active options, pricing, and volatility. Learn in the extensive education-al center. Sign up for e-mail alerts about new options listings and other news.

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Chicago Board of Trade
Mostly an info center for this derivatives powerhouse, hot useful features relate to its Dow Jones futures contract. Learn about stock index futures in the easy-to-read (but hard-to-find) Dow Jones individual investor section; click on "DJIA site," then "product information". Dow watchers can track live futures prices exclusively. Simulated futures trading costs $34.95 a quarter.

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Chicago Mercantile Exchange
The world leader in stock index futures trading mainly offers info on its many futures contracts. Find out about its popu-lar e-mini S & P 500 futures contract, which is designed for smaller investors. Jargon-heavy educational pages might scare off beginners. Live quotes are available after online registration and some software downloading. One month of simulated futures trading costs $29.95.

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Commodity Futures Trading for Beginners
Bruce Babcock's Reality Based Trading Company provides an easy-to-understand primer on the theory of futures trading. Beware, though, some chapters apparently were written in the dark ages: section on "The Trading Process" promotes charting but doesn't even mention the multitude of charting services available on the Web.

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$ Covered Calls
Get free covered call options rankings based on options premium or technical factors. Site recently added a ranking of the Dow Jones 30 stocks and of tech stocks. Sells an options calculator for $59.95 to track and analyze covered calls. Get some guidance on what makes a good covered call. Glosses over the downside to writing covered calls: opportunity cost of selling in a rising market.

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As boring as it can be, studying the economy can be a vital part of your investment strategy. The closest economics gets to being fun is at The Dismal Scientist, a financial Web site where you won't find quotes, charting, or a portfolio tracker (for those people in the real world). You will find excellent professionally written reports on current economic puzzles, as well as long-term analyses of economic trends. The message boards are fairly active, particularly regarding the Fed and interest rates. Jump onto the boards with an economic challenge, and you will find deep thinkers chiming in with support or slicing you to threads (never anger an economist). To make it even more interesting, the Dismal Scientists created some light-hearted calculators that let you estimate fair value of the stock market and what the Fed Funds rate should be. Devoted market watchers can check out the easy-to-read calendar of economic releases.

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FAQs About Futures
Learn futures market fundamentals from an informed source that isn't selling any-thing (hence the clunky design). While the info could use an update, the site works as a reference source. Lots of deriv-atives and investment links.

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Useful roundup of resources, including delayed futures quotes, customizable portfolios and charts, and discussion boards. Also offers news, advisories, and weather services from free and subscrip-tion-based sources.

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Well-packaged global news and extensive market commentary as well as Web tips for traders. Updated daily. Plenty of links to other futures-related sites. Discussion forum pretty sluggish.

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INO Global Markets
Extensive complex of futures and options tools, including news, quotes, charting, and message boards. Go to Extreme Futures for frequently updated list of the biggest winners and losers among futures contracts (available in alerts form). Get quotes on options and stocks. Discussion boards get frequent postings from futures traders. Beginners content could be boosted a bit.

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Matrix Options
Options broker Matrix Trading Group offers free trading ideas in a variety of different markets. There are plenty of other deriva-tives resources, such as quotes, education, and charting. Only catch: registration is required and don't be surprised if you get a call from one of their brokers. Site design needs an overhaul.

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National Futures Association
The self-regulation group NFA loftily aims to educate the masses about futures trad-ing and to keep individuals from getting ripped off by unscrupulous futures bro-kers. Call or e-mail the Disciplinary Information Access Line to find out whether a commodity futures broker or advisor has stepped over the line. Order educational materials.

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$ Netpicks Stock Option Advisory System
Subscribers get an evening update plus three intraday reports that provide tips on the trading of stocks or stock options. The site's centerpiece, an options info service, costs $100 a month or $250 a quarter.

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$ Oexmaster
For traders of Standard & Poor's 100 stock index options. "Traders Tales" - a service for building an OEX trading strategy - costs $19.95 a month or $175 a year. Consider turning off Java before approaching this site, or your computer might overdose on multimedia lights and buzzers.

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$ OptionInvestor.com
A subscription of $39.95 a month buys this options advisory service, including market commentary and analysis, strategies, and rec-ommendations. Members can also access option quotes, charts, and research.

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$ OptionsAnalysis.com
Converting a market opinion into an option trade is a tricky business. This site makes it a lot easier. For $49.95/month - $69.95/ month, options traders get access to loads of options data and useful analysis tools. Coolest feature is FIDO, a simple-to-use online calculator that suggests options trades based on your investment parame-ters and opinion.

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Options Industry Council
AMEX, CBOE, PCX, and PHLX teamed up to create this Chicago-based organization, which promotes options trading. Free video-tape and software to anyone interested. Find about free seminars and workshops all over the country. "Strategy of the Month" is essentially a very good essay on some aspect of options trading. Refreshingly sub-dued look. Overall, a neat find filled with tons of free stuff.

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$ OptionSource
Launching pad for Schaeffer's Investment Research numerous options-related services. In addition to offering free quotes, calcula-tors, and market analyses, the Cincinnati publishing firm run by talking head Bernie Schaffer sells two options newsletters, two trade recommendation services, and a mul-timedia training course.

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The Pitmaster
An unnamed pit trader brings together futures trading resources, including strong educational materials and links to get started. Sister site to www.pitnews.com, which offers market commentary from a number of practitioners, and a nice charts page of major U.S. markets.

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$ PowerOptions
Call option writing strategy is sold via a call option screening tool that costs $29 to $39 a month. Lacking free options quoting, and demo also based on old data.

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Robert's Online Applications
Math pro Robert Lum created this hodge-podge Financial tools. The toys include a commissions pricer for options and stock brokers. An options strategy visualizer lets you graph various trading gambits. Good explanations of different options strategies.

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$ Stricknet.com
A stock-picking service for covered-call writ-ers. Subscribe for a daily list of stocks with high call premiums. Use the calculator to determine yield on option sales, factoring in purchase price and length of time held. Some free advice. $35/mo. Free seven-day trial.

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