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100hot Finance
Link list of the 100 most popular finance Web sites, compiled and published by Web2l, which maintains directories of the most heavily trafficked sites in many dif-ferent categories.

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Altavista Finance
The free finance "zone" of arguably the largest and inarguably the fastest search engine. Stock search tool quickly pulls up news, market data, and fundamentals of any public company. First Call provides earnings revisions, Individual Investor mag-azine offers features. A Little slim compared to its fellow portal Yahoo!Finance.

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Free primers that cover everything from banking to technical analysis. Compare broker services and other criteria with their brokerage guides. Provides analysis from other sources. Decent list of links to other sites.

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Dow Jones Business Directory
In-depth guide to business sites Web-wide sparkles with Net-savvy content. This free site is a handy companion for any online investor. Highlight of the site are satisfy-ingly hefty and useful reviews of career, economic, financial, government, and industry Web sites. Extensive reviews and ratings of Dow Jones industrial, transporta-tion, and utilities firms' Web sites. New cat-egories added every week.

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The E-Investor Network
Nicely organized directory that could use some updating. If you're looking to find a site quickly, this would be a decent place to go. Healthy amount of links to interna-tional sites. Beware: organizers could use personal info provided by you for marketing purposes per disclaimer.

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In addition to the services and features the online broker provides to paying customers, they also offer a plethora of free tools to the public. The main free features include real-time quotes, customizable portfolios, personalized market views, and e-mail. Users can also access sector ratings, earnings estimates, company financials, and tech stock analysis.

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Links site has a nice feature: plug in a tick-er once, and all the links will automatically load your selection. Not all of the links connect, though.

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The Financial Center
Features the popular "Market Mavens" sec-tion with occasionally updated picks and pans by Wall Street analysts. Includes columns on biotechnology, global invest-ing, mutual funds, options and futures, small-cap stocks, as well as tech and util-ity stocks. The Insider Trading column leaks juicy tidbits about whether employ-ees of publicly owned companies are gob-bling their firm's stocks or leaving them for dead.

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Complex of 18 free sites including Rapid Research, Stock Reporter, and Wall Street Guru, synthesizes research, news, and data into a first-rate online investing cen-ter. Areas dedicated to portfolio manage-ment, small-cap stocks, bearish and bull-ish investing, EDGAR documents, mutual funds, options, and more. OI's columnist Kevin Lichtman, publisher of the site, oversees its Stock Detective, which routs out online stock scams and fraud.

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A financial search engine that's not quite running on all cylinders. The slow-running search function isn't as focused as you'd expect. A search for "precious metals" turned up an encyclopedia reference to furniture. Offers quotes, charts, research and sparse message boards.

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Interactive Investor
A huge amount of original, unique content makes publisher Ziff-Davis' free, tech-heavy financial resource one of the best locales on the Web. Lots of breaking news. Visit ZDTV link for content from the publisher's 24-hour technology news channel. Try your luck playing the Investment Challenge stock market simulation game. Only complaint: So much stuff, it's a bit tough to navigate.

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Investing in Stocks
Excellent online directory presents the cream of the crop. Ranks and links to the top 10 financial sites in categories includ-ing research tools, message boards, day trading, etc. (sound familiar?). Sign up to receive reviews via e-mail.

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This popular and well-regarded site includes everything an individual investor could need (except a hefty roll of cash). Pay-per-view investment newsletter offerings are its forte - visitors can subscribe to or purchase specific articles from more than 50 advisory newsletters (at a monthly cost of $5.95 to $24.95). Get two buy recommendations daily for free. Clear, simple design lets you easily maneuver the site's array of other tools and services, including stock and fund screeners, personal portfolio, quotes, his-torical and intraday charts, and breaking news feed. Registration required but free.

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The inmates have taken over the asylum! This megadirectory links to more than 8,000 sites, each briefly described (but not reviewed). Financial Web pioneer Doug Gerlach had a good thing here but hasn't kept it up. The directory is so junked up with ads and listings that aren't in appro-priate categories (sites can buy multiple listings) that its use is diminished.

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InvestorGuide and InvestorWorks
Contains lots of links to other useful sites, clearly organized and without a lot of clut-ter. No proprietary news. Check out free online newsletter InvestorGuide Weekly. Enter ticker symbol in research tool and generate 39 relevant links. Sister site InvestorWords contains 4,000 financial terms with hot links to 15,000 other sites.

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Garish directory packs lots of essential links with a focus on intraday, daily, and weekly market data. Front page posts breaking news from a variety of Web Sources along with profiles and charts of companies men-tioned in articles.

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Covers the bases with news, syndicated commentary, a few research tools, and a decent collection of message boards. But the highlight is a daily stock picking contest with prizes. View the winners' selec-tions, and submit your own picks.

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Links galore. Extensive listings of financial sites, well-organized in categories and sub-categories. Also provides oil service and pharmaceutical stock commentary. What cute puppy dogs have to do with finance is anyone's guess.

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Lycos Investing
Potpourri of offerings from external sources. Ticker search pulls up news, market data, company fundamentals. Array of tools, including portfolio tracker, asset allocator, IPO calendar, fund analyzer, and the like. Link directory points the way to all the basic investing sites.

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MSN Money Central
MSN Investor-the centerpiece of Microsoft's personal-finance umbrella site-has earned high marks from users and critics, but there's always been the issue of that $10 monthly fee. Now it's gone, and users can enjoy this recently overhauled site for free. New features include electronic bill presentment, college planning tools, a 401(k) planner, remote portfo-lio access, and an improved portfolio manager. Also available: up to 50 free real-time quotes per day, stock screeners, great charting tools, and more. Financial analysts and journalists (don't miss Jim Jubak and Jon Markman) contribute sub-stantive articles every day. For some reason, Investor is sort of hidden on the parent site (find it on the pull-down menu). MoneyCentral also offers advice on banking, retirement and estate planning, real estate, taxes, and insurance. Market reports updated five times daily.

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The Market Reporter
This resource offers a little hit of everything: financial news, recommendations, upgrades/downgrades, charts, portfolios, message hoards, and stock market simula-tion game. Electronic mailing list delivers news, picks, and tips.

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The Motley Fool
Though this Web pioneer doesn't pack the influence it once had over the now-explo-sive financial Web, punchy writing and crisp design still make it one of the best and most popular financial sites. The tool's edi-torial staff works hard at turning out finan-cial news and common-sense commentary with a sense of humor. Don't miss the well-trafficked bulletin boards, which are moni-tored by Fool employees and don't have as much junk as Yahoo's.

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You'll find the usual features: news, chart-ing, portfolio tracking, research, and quotes, as well as a couple of Net toys to keep it fun, a trading game, and the CEO Wealth Meter. "The Game" is catching on as a fun way to learn the market and win prizes. CEO Wealth Meter helps you keep perspective by charting the daily/gains and losses of selected CEOs. Somehow your $10,000 loss doesn't seem so bad compared to Bill Gates' $1 billion paper loss that day. Market data comes from S & P Comstock.

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The online companion to our magazine. With the proprietary MagnetSearch tool, users can retrieve information on thousands of stocks and funds from more than 50 online Sources and access as many as 250 news stories updated throughout the day. Create company reports that include board postings, SEC filings, legal news, newly reg-istered Internet addresses, profiles, finan-cial data, and more - all in real time. In the works: a portfolio tracker.

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The Online Investor
From OI contributor Ted Allrich, daily mar-ket news, analysis, and commentary culled from other outlets. The Site includes an IPO calendar with links to companies and a list of stock buybacks.

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Software maker's Web site is a veritable Wal-Mart of personal and household finan-cial tools. Everything from market data to research to planning guides. The sophisti-cated investor may find it a tad pedestrian, but it packs a top-notch portfolio tracker and stock evaluator (still in beta but way cool.) Also check out their deep news archive-one of the best places to read up about a company.

D-7 | E-8 | V-9

Roughneck's Financial Place
Apt name captures crude but enormous collection of financial resources. Large and awkward link directory. Click to every major online news source and buy finan-cial magazines at a discount. Epic down-load time.

D-4 | E-4 | V-5

Simple and well-organized list of links to external sources. No content of its own but acts as a worthwhile umbrella site for good information on markets and the economy.

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This refreshingly bare-bones site helps users pick stocks and mutual funds using both basic and complex screening tools. Delivers well-packaged company and fund profiles including quotes, charts, SEC fil-ings, and various rankings. Useful daily O & A column on tricky investment dilem-mas. Extensive and timely wire news feeds, divided by subject categories, round out the site's ample offerings.

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If you prefer quantity over quality on the Web, this is the place to go. Pages and pages of links to financial Sites. Stock sec-tion is massive, while sections on com-modities, options, and bonds are contin-ually growing. Recently added live futures quotes, and plans are in place to offer live currencies and bond prices, as well. Be careful, though, it's not always clear what's a link and what's an ad.

D-7 | E-5 | V-8

Cutesy design and sophomoric tone detracts from otherwise decent set of original columns and news roundups. Repackages news, features, and tools from other sources as well. Lots of calculators and financial links. Pretty amateurish, but take a break with some of their fun toys: Figure out your astrological money style, and read your weekly business horoscope.

D-5 | E-8 | V-4

The Syndicate
Former stockbroker Bill Rini lends a family atmosphere to this well-organized collec-tion of links and discussion threads. Designed for brokers and experienced investors, you'll find all the usual suspects at this site: headline news, IPO filings, and background info on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

D-7 | E-7 | V-6

Huge collection of well-organized links to financial sites on stocks, mutual funds, IPOS, and markets-with a heavy news focus. Clean, efficient place to connect to some of the best-known online sources. Also links to quotes, charts, screens, stock picks, earnings reports, and SEC fil-ings. Punch in a ticker symbol and get a customized list of relevant links.

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Thomsan Investors Network
This free site - run by one of the biggest names in financial journalism - contains an impressive array of financial tools and investment data. Weekly financial commen-tary from First Call, Thomson's equity research subsidiary. Read Daily Market Wrap, Stocks to Watch, and Market Report columns. Get an e-mail subscription to I-Watch, a service that will track institution-al block trades. A basic membership pack-age costs $34.95 a year, while extensive access to Thomson's First Call research costs $19.95 a month or $100 a year.

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$ Wall Street City
A massive quantity of news, market and company reports, portfolio management tools, and search engines make this one of the most-praised investment sites on the Web. Includes a huge list of financial calculators. Choose from four different access levels ranging from free to $34.95 a month.

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Wall Street Research Net
Professional and semiprofessional investors may want to bookmark this site. Links to more than 500,000 finan-cial Web sites. Contains entries on 17,000 companies, links to government bodies, as well as to popular business news outlets.

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$ Wall Street Source
Create a portfolio and receive a compre-hensive package of information on your securities, including proprietary breaking news, upcoming earnings data, stock splits, conference calls, IPOs, live EDGAR filings, analyst reports and recommenda-tions, and many other services. A monthly subscription costs $250, although a free trial is offered.

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The popular Internet directory channels its vast Web resources, search functions, online clubs, and message-board system into a no-flash, all-function financial information center. Type in a ticker sym-bol and go to town: delayed stock quotes, performance charts, company fundamentals, and more. Don't miss Yahoo!'s infamous and hopping discus-sion boards, if you can handle the some-times heated discourse, bizarre ram-blings, and salty language. Find boards on more than 7,800 stocks.

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