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$ Firstcap
Smart, well-written sections for investors to take advantage of market direction changes and for traders to develop short-term strategies. Some free content. Subscriptions range from $100 to $400 a year.

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$ Intelligent Market Timer
Wade through the mess of ads to find technical analysis and neural network technologies for traders. Sells S & P 500 forecasting software for S99.95.

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Just In Time
Whether you buy this site's bearish predictions about the future of the market or not, you may want to use this free system to track long-term trends. Register for Web site access to buy and sell signals and a weekly newsletter.

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$ Moneyflow
Market timing for mutual fund investors. Receive daily e-mailed buy and sell signals and mutual fund picks. Subscriptions costs $48 a year.

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$ Select Timing Service
Subscriber service for timing the markets with Fidelity Select sector mutual funds. Pay $20 for each profitable trade recommendation or $150 annually.

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Stock Market Advantage
Free market timing recommendations for both mutual funds and stocks. Solid site that attempts to poke holes in efficient market theory.

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$ Stock Market Forecaster
Get buy and sell signals for trading the large cap S & P 500 Index through the Rydex family of mutual funds. Leveraged and unleveraged choices. Costs vary, starting at $89.95/quarter. One month free-trials start at $14.95

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Walker Market Letter
Subscribe to free market timing e-newsletter published by Lowrisk Market Analytics. Lots of background and primer material on Lowrisk's investment philosophy and free market analysis.

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Rating System: D - Design | E - Ease of Use | V - Value

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