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For $99 a month, subscribers can access research and ratings on semiconductor companies. Informative analysis and timely updates on this niche market.

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The online downtown of technology news. Check out the "Stocks/ Finance" section for TechInvestor news, commentary, and company profiles. Excellent news package includes some original articles and others culled from publisher CMP's trade and industry rags

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Good Morning, Silicon Valley
The San Jose Mercury News online tech section gives a daily morning overview of the technology industry with a roundup of the latest stories from the newspaper and other top news sources, such as Wird News, The New York Times, and CNET. Easy-to-consume, interesting items to prep tech investors.

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The Industry Standard
"The newsmagazine of the Internet Economy" maintains a sharp, up-to-date, intuitively organized Web repository for its many features and breaking news stories on Internet companies, trends, and issues. Tracks an Internet economy index.

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$ Intellivest

Technical trading tipster offers premarket alerts for stocks in the Morgan Stanley High Tech Index. Philosophy involves being either long or short each of the 35 tech stocks in the MS index. Costs $35/month with 30-day trial available

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Excellent tech company research center. Internet analyst Keith Benjamin gives a weekly tech sector overview. Unscientific "valuation calculator" estimates a company's current market value relative to similar public companies. Useful mini-profiles on hot tech companies

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The Internet Stock Report
Part of a large complex of sites produced by Internet information provider Internet.com. Extensive news and analysis on Internet stocks, including opening and closing reports and the current Internet stock index - a good indicator of how web-oriented companies are doing. Check out their Internet IPO watch for information on Internet companies that are on deck to go public. Organization and navigation a little confusing.

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Hambrecht & Quist Internet Research Group's articles and columns provide detailed analysis of Internet commerce. Many of the group's members also write for other financial and tech publications; their articles are also featured on the site. E-mail notification of new monthly issues; past issues archived.

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From CNET, this dense site's investor section provides tech news from Bloomberg and market data and financials on tech companies organized by industry. High-lights the day's big gainers and losers with quotes delayed 20 minutes.

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Tech section culls breaking news stories from more than a dozen sources, indexed by time of arrival or source, and lists story links. Nice way to efficiently keep up with tech news.

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Red Herring Online
Full of great content. Free Web version of info-industry monthly includes daily news and analysis. Also includes full-text online versions of current issue's articles. Don't miss priceless stories on topics such as building cellular phone networks in Africa.

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The Register
This weekly British publication gives a sophisticated, global view of the tech world. Plenty of wry humor, dirt and barbs.

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Front page is a little crowded with links and columns from mostly external sources, but this free and fee-based tech story advisory service offers a useful assortment of tech portfolios to follow. For $75 per six months, get recommendations and commentary

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Upside Today
The technology business mag for Silicon Valley. Focuses on people in the industry, compiling a list of the 100 most influential digerati. Pulls breaking news from a variety of sources and produces interesting reporting, analysis and trend spotting. Entertaining and irreverent writing.

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Rating System: D - Design | E - Ease of Use | V - Value

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