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Active Traders Network
Concise, relevant educational info for learning on the fly. Excellent proprietary source for trading ideas and strategies, such as how to decide entry points, when to set stops and targets, when to take profits and losses. Subscribe to daily stock report for $30 a month. Also, message boards and chat rooms.

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Avid Trading Company
Smart writing and design make this a comfy virtual hangout. Includes chat rooms and bulletin boards that attract a classier-than-average-crowd.

D-9 | E-8 | V-9

$ The Daily Trader
Continuum Technology's online publication generates daily short or middle-term buy or sell recommendations. Subscription costs $19.95 a month. Free two-week trial.

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Free real-time news and stock alerts. Nothing fancy, just frequent market briefs and rumors. Check out the chat room.

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$ Daypicks
Daytrading tips from unnamed and undescribed traders using mysterious computer oscillators to generate short-term leads. E-mail trade alerts delivered six to 20 times a month. These methods may work, but exactly how is never revealed. Subscriptions start at $50 a month. Free two-week trial available.

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$ Daytrader's Bulletin
Run by a California couple, this impressively designed site is home to Bulletin Signals ($104.90 a month), which provides buy/sell, trade management, and exit signals for rapid-fire futures investors. The Overnight Update ($29.95 a month) gives more long-term market views.

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$ Daytrader's On-line
Basic service ($19.95 a month) includes morning e-mail report of daily recommendations and research as well as updates from a short-term model portfolio. For an additional $139.95 a month, users can access online real-time stock information and breaking news for intraday plays. Free two-week trial.

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$ The Daytrader Toad
Follow the Toad as he hops in and out of short-term trades. Receive e-mail updates on what he's trading for $75 a month. The site provides current reports, recaps past activity, and explains strategy.

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Day Trading International
Short-term traders can subscribe here to receive email recommendations - daily picks for $69 a month and small caps for $59. Free two-week trial. Also provides tools such as an earnings calendar, stock screener, and portfolio tracker - all provided by external sources

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Top-notch directory for day traders, novice or veteran. Plenty of links for learning, as well as chat rooms, message boards, and a reference room of online daytrading news. Simple but slow-running site makes it easy to jump from topic to topic.

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Dynamic Daytrader
For $49.95 a month, members can view the actual real-time trades of veteran day trader David Rudnick along with explanations of his decisions and what he expects next.

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Elite Trader
Site bills itself as a virtual gathering place for day traders. Includes free and paid day-trading tutorials and a stock-research tool. Bulletin boards and chat rooms feature valuable discussions about tools and tricks of the trade. Recommends and links to trading software

D-7 | E-7 | V-8

Intelligent Speculator
This free trader-run site offers three different moderated chats designed to create community without hyping, cheerleading, and bashing. Charts are chart-heavy and active. You'll find plenty of specific educational info on day-trading techniques and strategies.

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The Hard Right Edge
Hard-core trading site gives you loads of ideas in its Morning Trader section. You'll find Power Spike, Bear Hug and oiled Spring stocks, among other strategies. Also, tutorials for sale, and lots of links.

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$ Mkt Traders
Offers paid tutorial and market-simulation services geared toward training day traders. For $150 a year, you get access to a virtual trading room, a day-trading and after-hours trading newsletter, and daily stock picks.

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$ Momentum Trader
A hot chat room for the day-trading crowd overseen by guru Ken Wolff. Fifty-dollar initiation fee gets you Wolff's Momentum Investing workbook. Access to chat area costs $150 a month. Free one-week trial available. Free online interactive classes overseen by experienced traders. Provides essential links for day traders.

D-7 | E-8 | V-7

$ MonyWolff
Good spelling may not be a prerequisite to good investment sense, but the folks at MonyWolff might want to rethink their moniker. MonyWolff is not easy on the eyes, and the most current market forecasts ($29/month) are delivered via a recorded telephone message (huh?). But free intraday market reports from Alpha Wolff S. Brian Barger are posted regularly, and the writing can be amusing. Site improvements pending.

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$ Online Daytraders
Receive pre-market stock picks and alerts and updates throughout the day via e-mail. Also offers long-term portfolio tools. Subscription costs $59 a month. Free two-week trial.

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$ PC Trader
Real-time financial quotes, news, and analysis for active traders, including feeds from GovPX, Market News Service, Chicago Board of Trade, Dow Jones, and others. Services cost $60 to $595 a month. Free one-month trial. After hours product offered.

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$ Pristine Day Trader
Pristine Capital Management's site has become a regular pit stop for trading Netahoics. Daily stock recommendations run $125 a month. Some free content.

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The Rookie Day Trader
Excellent starting point for day trader wannabes. Common-sense advice and tutorials on what it takes to day trade or position trade. Heavy emphasis on the personal and financial risks and rewards of day trading. Tons of links to useful sights, as well as to relevant message board postings.

D-8 | E-9 | V-9

$ TradeHard
Developed to help you identify price trends without plowing through stacks of charts and raw data. Lots of ideas for active investors not looking for much handholding. Get specific tips using trend-following methods for buying and selling stocks, options, and future contracts. Portfolio tracking, quotes, charts, and news are free; proprietary stuff costs $10 a month.

D-7 | E-8 | V-10

Trading Systems Network
Wacky, sloppy, and chaotic look obscures some valuable free tools. Frequently updated list (every five minutes) of winner, loser, and most active stocks. Lots of links. But blinking icons, Java feeds, and graphics may slow down your browser and push you away. Can you say, "redesign?"

D-3 | E-5 | V-8

Trading Tactics
Free site includes a moderated chat room, technical analysis tools, and Java-powered charts for the short-term investor. Also includes useful currency and exchange historical data, such as the price on the British pound dating back to 1975, in downloadable Zip files.

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The Underground Trader
Home of the enigmatic online stock prophet Jay Yu, author of The Underground Level 2 Daytraders Handbook. Also, daily stock-picking-tips and chats.

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