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Consulting firm aims to be a sort of online Consumer Reports, ranking Internet brokers, banks and others. Run by former Forrester Research Analyst Julio Gomez, its speciality is its quarterly ranking of online brokers.

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Internet Investing
Handy reference list of online and discount brokers, including ones that offer after-hours trading. Links to brokerage Web sites and summaries of commissions, account minimums, and services offered.

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Keynote Web Brokerage Index
Keep tabs on your brokers Internet performance record. Keynote systems, which measures and reports on Internet performance of electronic commerce, tests 20 top online brokers 100,000 times a week for transaction performance. The results are published as weekly rankings.

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Money's handy online brokerage screener helps investors find the right broker by searching according to type of investor (mainstream, frequent trader, wealthy investor or beginner) or by plugging in specific requirements. Or just look at Money's own scorecard of the 15 largest brokers.

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Online Investment Services
With a simple but effective criteria, lay investor Don Johnson recommends eight online brokers out of 80 reviewed and provides a rundown of features and prices.

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Smart Money Broker Ratings
Analyzes and ranks all types of brokers for easy comparison. See how e-brokers stack up against one another in seven categories.

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Is your online broker's site plagued with technical problems? Are their commissions worth the services offered? This tool lets investors rank their brokerages on a scale of one to 10. Can add brokers not yet listed.

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Rating System: D - Design | E - Ease of Use | V - Value

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