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Online bond brokerage offers free research tools including a municipal bond primer, taxable equivalent yield calculator, and rating definitions

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Pulls info about the fixed-income market from other sources, especially Reuters, Bridge and Interactive Data. Includes data on federal, municipal, and corporate bonds. Could benefit from more content and original research. Some paid services available as well.

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Handy free search tool lets you find bond offerings nationwide based on their rating, available block size, location, type and other criteria. Annoying frames-based structure is confusing

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One stop shop for gathering information about Brady bonds, the Third World debt instruments issued by the U.S. government. Site includes daily Brady bond updates from financial news services, such as Fitch and Bridge, and brokerages, such as J.P. Morgan and DLJ. Includes board and chat rooms.

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Bureau Of The Public Debt
Find about and even buy - commission free - federal debt instruments such as savings bonds, treasury bills, treasury notes and treasury bonds. Treasury Direct service lets investors set up accounts and trade government securities over the Web.

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Excellent site for investors interested in the municipal bond market. News section fed by wire services as well as proprietary sources. Includes list of new issues as well as library containing information about older bonds. Document retrieval system ($25 a month) lets you search archives

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Fitch IBCA
Site of international bond-rating agency includes updates on securities worldwide. Covers 1,000 banks and financial institutions, 400 corporations and 50 nations.

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Investing in Bonds
Sharp combo of practical and educational tools found amid the bureaucratic rumblings of the Bond Market Association. Primo collection of bond-related tools and links. Pricing data on muni bonds and U.S. Treasurys offered. Check out the educational section although the bond research areas is complicated and not very timely to boot. Instead, check out the press releases section of the related www.bondmarkets.com

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J.J. Kenny Data Request Service
Searches against the entire bond rating service's Kenny database of some 1 million municipal bonds, allowing you to enter search variables and criteria. The site is marred by weird, cumbersome navigation.

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